Who We Are

Chart Advise is a company founded by Raja Venkatraman and mentored by Dr C K Narayan, the country’s top technical analyst, winner of the Lifetime Achievement award for Technical Analysis. The company focuses on providing various avenues for investing into the financial markets. The company has been bridging the gap between the perception and reality of making money through financial markets for the last 20 years.

Chart Advise is an financial advisory company focusing on advisory and training business shaped by individual and team energy, commitment and integrity. Our success is built on the foundation of innovation, drive and experience.

At Chart Advise, we achieve success by helping our customers succeed. It’s a simple business model with a singular focus: enabling market participants by providing them with the services and tools to set them on their pathway to profits.

What We Do

Chart Advise provides expert advice and renders extended support to manage every aspect of your financial market participation. When it comes to financial advice, one size does not fit all. With the right advice and a helping hand, you can find both the time and the money to create and grow real wealth – and much more easily than you may have thought possible.

Advice is available through a dedicated team of analysts who are personally trained by Dr Narayan. The analysts track the markets full time in service of the clients are all former students of Dr Narayan and have been mentored by him through the years and can be considered among the best technical analysts in India. The appropriately titled website www.chartadvise.com provides all the necessary information that you desire on the matters relating to advice and training.

Training is actually the quintessence of what Growth Avenues stands for. Starting from 1993, we have been in the training arena all through and today, we can proudly point to thousands of students who are successfully analyzing, trading and investing in the markets using technical analysis. Dr Narayan has been one of the pioneers in the field of Technical Analysis training and has to his credit, countless hours of training experience. He has now developed a team of trainers who can enhance your understanding and raise your level of expertise in approaching the markets.