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Mentorship Program

Our Program

In the 40-week program, Dr. C K Narayan will enable you on the following skill building and execution aspects.
To apply it properly you must learn it properly. Come to the best trainer in the business. Come to Chart Advise, where Dr. C K Narayan will take you through a 40 WEEK PROGRAM that will prepare you fully for engaging the market profitably. Week after Week. Month after Month.

"A mentor is one who empowers a person to see a possible future , and believe it can be obtained.
Mentorship is the key to extraordinary success !"


Dr. C K Narayan, for those who don’t know him, is a 37-year market veteran who is one of the country’s foremost practitioners of the art of technical analysis and one the finest trainers in the subject. His vast array of knowledge coupled with extraordinary experience spanning 3 decades in the stock markets makes him an absolute authority on anything related to market analysis and trading.

Learning Outcome

  • Sharpen your analysis and TRADE the markets
  • Perform consistently under any market condition
  • Learn the art of finding your own trading and investing opportunities
  • Position Sizing for becoming a profitable trader
Key Takeaways

  • Develop the art of timely Entry, Exit and Stoploss
  • Usage of different tools to gauge the market sentiment
  • Risk management techniques
  • Screen reading to find opportunities across timeframes
  • Confidence to analyse multiple asset classes

Trading Psychology By Dr CK Narayan