RAJA VENKATRAMAN (Head of Training)

Raja is the chief assistant to Dr C K Narayan and is in charge of Training and Advisory operations at Chart Advise. He has imbibed thru the constant association and training from the master himself. The pearls and nuggets of market wisdom has helped him to blossom into a full blown expert technical analyst and trader by himself. Having trained continuously under Dr Narayan for the past ten years, Raja has become expert enough in the subject to now become a full fledged trainer.

Raja handles both live training as well as Webinars that are conducted at Growth Avenues. He has conducted webinars on Chart patterns, Volume analysis, Fibonacci studies in recent webinars. He is part of the training team that conducts the Technical Analysis Level 1 where he lectures on Dow Theory, Trends, Patterns, Candlesticks etc. The support sessions of all our webinars conducted by Dr Narayan are all handled by Raja, Recent support sessions have been for Index trading methods, Buying Low and Selling High etc. Raja now leads the team of trainers that work alongside Dr Narayan in the training division at Growth Avenues.

Webinars by Raja Venkatraman