Rakesh Shah (Derivative Trainer)

Rakesh Shah is a Chartered Accountant who has been associated with the equity and derivative markets for over 25 years. During that long period of market involvement, Rakesh has been engaged in every area of the markets. He began as an individual trader, moved on to Dealing with a leading broking house and after a few years, moved into dealing for Reliance Mutual Fund.

During his stint with Reliance MF, Rakesh honed his skills in Derivatives, getting himself trained from one of the topmost names in the world in the field of Options. He handled the Options book for Reliance MF (over 2000 cr) and helped generate high returns on the investments. Moving on from the Buy side, Rakesh was handled two Prop books of some leading brokers, using a mix of Equity and Options to generate returns. Currently, he runs his own proprietary book and provides consulting on Derivative markets to select high networth clients. He has been training regularly with Growth Avenues and shares his rich experience of over 25 years with the participants.

Webinars by Rakesh Shah