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Stock Market Awareness Seminar (SMAS)

Chart Advise seminars are aimed at educating the participant about how to participate in the financial markets.

The topics are ranging from across the financial spectrum -
  • Equities
  • Derivatives
  • Insurance
  • Mutual Funds

Seminars are designed with the understanding that the participants who are attending are seeking some understanding about this exciting area. Be it a novice or a professional we are sure that he will derive great value by attending these seminars. Seminars provide an opportunity to explore topics by discussion, and to identify and sort out any problems. Our seminars help the participants get more awareness about how the markets function and how it can be an alternative source of income. The seminars are designed with utmost care to deliver the right message to inspire ,educate and instill in the participant a sense of urgency.

The seminars are lead by our dynamic instructors, the best in their fields, combine years of practical experience with academic rigor to provide thorough, hands-on instruction that can be applied immediately and effectively in the real world.

Learning Outcome
  • Develop detailed understanding of Technical Analysis
  • Detect the market momentum
  • Master various tools to participate in Capital market
  • Gain confidence through practical and interactive workshop
  • Sharper Analysis
Key Takeaways
  • Understanding Price Action
  • Risk Management Techniques
  • Master Stock Selection Approach
  • Key Concepts Across Asset Classes
Workshop v/s Seminar

Workshops are interactive sessions of longer duration, aimed at combining theory with a hands on approach.
On the other hand seminars are shorter engagements with the key objective to create awareness.

Our Upcoming Seminars

06th October 2018 LOCATION: MUMBAI