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ChartAdvise workshops are designed to bring out the best in an individual by involving them in stimulating and engaging activities. The focus of the workshops is mainly aimed at ensuring that there is a great deal of interaction amongst the participants to execute a number of activities rather than passively listen to a lecture or presentation.

Our Workshops:
  • Realtime Market Mastery (RMM)
  • The Winning Trader (TWT)
Learning Outcome
  • Develop detailed understanding of Technical Analysis
  • Detect the market momentum
  • Master various tools to participate in Capital market
  • Gain confidence through practical and interactive workshop
  • Sharper Analysis
Key Takeaways
  • Understanding Price Action
  • Master the Stock Selection
  • Role of Indicators and its interpretation
  • Simple and Effective trading systems
  • Risk management techniques
Workshop v/s Seminar

Workshops are interactive sessions of longer duration, aimed at combining theory with a hands on approach.
On the other hand seminars are shorter engagements with the key objective to create awareness.

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Real-Time Market Mastery

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The Winning Trader – TWT

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THE WINNING TRADER (TWT) Market Proof your capital! Overview Markets are all about how to develop the mindset and ensure that one is able...


Options Made Easy

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Options Simplified Practical, Proven and Easy…! Overview Markets have always fascinated every individual to the point that he believes that it is possible for...